TO Buy Prints
You've come to the destination point of this web site. I've
arrived too, to make sure you get the best.
List the items you wish to purchase:

1. One or more prints on archival paper (the best).
2. Six standard sizes are offered: 10"in., 16"in.,  20"in., 24"in., 36"in., and 42"in.   
3. All sizes are
determined by the greatest length, horizontally or  vertically. No
print will be cropped to fit a standard size even up to 42" in

4. Would you like to have them come with mats? They come in various colors.
Or, simply leave them as they are. You can also have white borders around
each print in widths of 1", 2", and 3" inches, but these additions will decrease
the size of your actual painting, so you may want to increase the size of the
painting accordingly. Mats along with frames can do so much for a
painting. I like to have at least 1"in., of a mat. But you can determine for
yourself what size of a mat you'd like.
(Again, all framed artwork comes with Plexiglas protection. If you don't want
to stick a nail in the wall 3M offers a "stick um" type solution that you can
affix to the wall without the use of a nail. You can purchase them  at Wallmart,
Staples, or Home Depot.)