37- "Shining Grasses"  (oil)
39- "Park Scene"  (acrylic)
41- "River Trip"  (acrylic)
42- "Pure Land"  
43- "Golden Fields"  (oil)
44- "Spring Blossom Time"  (oil)
46- "Yellowstone Park"  
45- "Shining Hills"  (watercolor)
47- "Beauty of Wetlands"  (acrylic)
48- "Going Home"  (acrylic)
49- "Spring Outing"  (acrylic)
50- "Tranquility"  (watercolor)
51- "Lively Ocean"  (watercolor)
52- "Breaking Waves"  (watercolor)
53- "Life Among the Rocks" (Mexico trip)   (acrylic)  
54- "The Apiarist"  (watercolor)  
56- "Pacific View"  (acrylic)
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57- "Bright Path"  
38- "Fresh Breezes"  
40- "Noon Refresh"
(Mexico trip)    
55- "Winter's Landscape"  (watercolor)  
58- "Grand Canyon"  
"...Be the sun of your own universe."
still, and slowly moving."
"Across the wide horizon -
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