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What's new? I've just published. Enjoy my welcome into "Natures' Art Gallery"

The Bright Star Company offers you art prints directly from my own paintings. I create artwork of
fine art quality that you can hang on your walls to beautify and enhance your space.
Take your time
with this site and you shall be rewarded.

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Hello, Welcome to "Natures' Art Gallery"

Bring the great outdoors and wondrous world of nature into your home or space onto your walls. It will have a
beneficial effect of calming your mind, inspiring our thoughts, waking you up, making you feel alive while
uplifting your mind into a spacious and natural world. Clean and simple, art derived and inspired by nature will
create love and devotion following the will and spirit of life itself. This is my meditation.
Roger Adams
[Bright Star Company is registered under the name of Roger Adams under Company copyright.]

I will present my work in four categories:  1. Sports, 2. Flowers, 3. Landscapes, and 4. Archival Prints    
No. 5: "Botanic Garden" (watercolor)  (Click on to
enlarge).  Included after"Hibiscus and the Peacock" on the
next page.          
Just a few samples